Master of Occupational Therapy Degree at Clarkson University

Clarkson’s Occupational Therapy Program taps the University’s core strengths in engineering, science, entrepreneurship and the arts to provide students with an expansive knowledge base.

This specialized Master’s in Occupational Therapy helps our students embrace the field’s essential points:

  • Engaging in meaningful occupation and finding purpose are profound curatives.
  • A thorough knowledge of human anatomy and psychology — tied to an appreciation for creativity — lead to recovery and unique paths of productivity.
  • Neither disabilities nor perceived differences can violate an individual’s dignity or self-determination.

At Clarkson, occupational therapists are trained to contribute. A Clarkson education prepares each student for today’s world and tomorrow’s challenges. Each Clarkson graduate masters fundamental academic abilities, personal and social development, and the philosophical values of occupational therapy. Our Occupational Therapy Program emphasizes the core philosophy of Clarkson University, with four components serving as common threads through multiple courses:

  • learn to communicate effectively,
  • develop an appreciation for diversity in both working and living environments,
  • recognize the importance of personal, societal, and professional ethics, and
  • understand how science and technology can be used to serve humanity.

Each of these components is introduced early in the curriculum and reinforced in subsequent courses. The curriculum emphasizes the importance of interprofessional collaboration during the learning experience; since Occupational Therapists do not work in isolation, we believe they should not learn in isolation either.

Clarkson’s Occupational Therapy Program utilizes an innovative Smart Simulation Lab.  This state-of-the-art facility simulates an actual living space that incorporates high-tech solutions to everyday challenges, such as low vision supports, adaptive driving equipment and simulators, assistive technology devices, and environmental controls. This simulation lab will provide deep experiential learning opportunities for students so that they can translate into real-life work situations.

We also have a Pre-Health Professions Advising Program directed by Carolyn Zanta. She advises all undergraduate pre-occupational therapy students to help them prepare for our master’s program.

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