Instructions for Reporting on Group Trainings

1. Upon completion of video presentation, partner organization Training Administrator will distribute paper copy of post-test questionnaire for group training staff members to complete the post training test questions.

2. Upon completion of the post-test questions, the partner organization Training Administrator will download copy of Training Roster Template document from CNYCC Performance Activity Reporting page (see Performance Activity Reporting Page for more information)

3. Complete Training Roster Template

4. Save completed Training Roster Template using the following naming convention: Org Name + PA ID + Org ID + Document Type + MM.DD.YY (Ex. ACME Health Center PA_003 XJ194 Roster Template_Group_Training_09.15.17)

5. Upload the Roster Template document via HWNY Training Equivalent Reporting Process (see HWNY Training Equivalency Reporting Process upload instructions in the Partner Reporting Guide).

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