Training & Partner Management

Add a Training
Click here to post your courses using the powerful LMS tool.
Course Participant Report
View participation records for your courses with the added option to export records.
Create Accounts
A powerful tool that will help you easily create accounts in your section.
Manage POs
View, edit, add, and delete your Partner Organizations and their information.

Recruitment Management

CCN Job Board
The Job Board that Partners can post job openings on for recruitment purposes.
Manage Jobs
View, manage, and edit Job Postings and respective applications, for the jobs posted in your network.
Manage Resumes
View, manage, and export resumes that have been submitted into the CCN network.


DSRIP Reporting Tools

Budget Reporting Tool

There are FOUR Workforce Strategy Spending Categories: Retraining, Redeployment, New Hires, & Other. Use this powerful secure reporting tool to submit your Budget information.

Impact Reporting Tool

The Workforce Impact Analysis measures the impact on workers who have been newly hired, retrained, or redeployed to support DSRIP projects and infrastructure.

Training Report Tool

Begin reporting on your DSRIP trainings here. You will need an Admin account and the correct training reporting template. Both items are accessible here.



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