What are the Workforce Milestones?

As part of the DSRIP process, there are certain milestones that all PPSs need to meet. These milestones are important because the New York Department of Health has tied payments to these workforce milestones. These are called prescribed milestones.

Prescribed Milestones

  • Identify the target workforce state. What human resources are needed to successfully implement DSRIP?
  • Perform a detailed gap analysis between the current state assessment of workforce and the projected future state. What human resources are currently available within your PPS to meet DSRIP Goals? Are there any human resources your organization lacks?
  • Create a workforce transition road map for achieving defined target workforce state. How does your organization successfully transition the current staff into the staff you want in the future?
  • Produce a compensation and benefit analysis, covering impacts on both retrained and redeployed staff, as well as new hires, particularly focusing on full and partial placements. What is the impact of DSRIP on healthcare workers within your PPS?
  • Develop a training strategy. How do you adequately prepare staff for DSRIP implementation?

Workforce Milestones


In this section, we will discuss each milestone in further detail.

Setting the Target Workforce State


Target Workforce State

Detailed Gap Analysis


Detailed Gap Analysis

Identifying the Current State


Identifying the Current State

How do we determine impacted staff?

Workforce Strategy - Impacted Staff

Now that we've determined the staff who will be impacted, let's look at determining new hires.

Workforce Strategy - New Hires

To review, the Current State, Future State, and Gap Analysis will all determine our Workforce Strategy.

Transition Roadmap


Now, let's put it all together.


Workforce Milestones